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ARTESTO was the first exhibition of Mobile Art in Italy, art created expressly for mobile phones.

Conceived and curated by Lorella Scacco and Marianne Viglione, it is the result of a creative collaboration between intellectuals, poets, writers, musicians and visual artists, exhibited at Triennale in Milan. Participating experts: Philippe Daverio, Erri De Luca, Carlo Freccero, Alda Merini, Mogol and the Subsonica music band. Participating artists: Bianco-Valente, Botto & Bruno, Globalgroove, Antonio Rovaldi, Studio Azzurro, and ZimmerFrei.

The show belongs to the project Connect to Art which was born in 2004 in Helsinki Nokia Design office to bring “art into the palm,” “communicate the art” when, where and with whom you prefer through mobility and mobile phone display. The artists already in the collection are Louise Bourgeois, Juha Hemànus, Stefan Lindfors, Nam June Paik, Osmo Rauhala, David Salle, David Tremlett, William Wegman, Kati Åberg.

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