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curator: Lorella Scacco
Venice International University, San Servolo Isle, Venice
June 7 – 9, 2007
The “MOBILE JOURNEY” art project will take place between June 7 and 9, 2007on San Servolo Isle, the location of Venice International University.
The project is the result of creative and technological collaboration between visual artists, Vodafone and university researchers.
The project is part of the fringe events planned for the Venice Biennale 2007.

The “MOBILE JOURNEY” project takes art to new levels of experimentation by enabling the visitor to interact, via their cell phone, with the works of art on display from June 7 to 9, 2007 at Venice International University, located on the fascinating San Servolo Isle. “MOBILE JOURNEY”, an exhibition conceived and curated by Lorella Scacco, is the result of creative and technological collaboration between visual artists, Vodafone and Venice International University researchers.

“For several years VIU, under the presidency of Ambassador Umberto Vattani, has launched numerous initiatives involving the figurative arts. The Campus, which is frequented by professors and students of many different nationalities (Italians, Germans, Chinese, Americans, Japanese, Spanish, etc.), has over time become an exhibition space for contemporary art. In addition to the works on permanent display on San Servolo Island, the Campus is also host to artistic and scientific experiments and research that bring the two worlds together. The University’s collaboration with the Venice Biennale has proved particularly productive, and once again this year an initiative put forward by Venice International University has been included in the programme of events.”

The project starts from the idea of mobility, which increasingly characterises today’s space-time dimension, bringing together art, technology and the mobile lifestyle. The works produced by international artists or groups of artists have been created specifically for the Venetian event. The concept of mobility runs through the exhibits in terms of content, the means of expression used and interaction with the spectator. Each artist has created, or will create over the three days of the event, an installation, a performance or a video with which the visitor can interact via their cell phone. In this way the mobile phone becomes an enabler of creativity, the link between the work of art and the public.

“MOBILE JOURNEY” is an experimental, avant-garde project that depends on the creativity of artists working closely with engineers and researchers, using wireless technology, streaming and UMTS. In developing the interactive works artists have exploited the rich potential of the mobile phone, ranging from video and sound recording to communication and web links. Thanks to Vodafone’s network the visitor can come into contact with art, wherever they are and at whatever time of day.

”The challenge facing contemporary art is to give sense and content to the new technologies, by trying out interactive solutions,” states the curator, Lorella Scacco. “And this is the aim of “MOBILE JOURNEY”, an exhibition that revolves around the concept of mobility, presenting interactive and wireless works conceived by international artists and developed with mobile communications engineers.”

”Venice International University regards contemporary art as a an experimental space to be used to promote innovative forms of research. “MOBILE JOURNEY” represents an important step in this direction, breaking new ground in order to establish a dialogue between artistic research, technological innovation and social sciences. The artist is given the task of exploring new ways of using technologies; the electronic engineer that of identifying and developing various potential forms of artistic expression, by rethinking certain basic aspects of the near future; whilst the researcher has the burden of offering a synthesis of the meeting of these two worlds,” says Stefano Micelli, Dean of Venice International University.

“Contemporary art is now inextricably linked to technology, a key element in the artistic forms of our times. Various editions of the Venice Biennale have offered important examples of this combination. Vodafone is pleased to be able to actively contribute to the development and consolidation of initiatives bringing together art and technology. We are keenly interested in avant-garde art, due to its visionary and anticipatory role and its highly creative and innovative nature. This initiative focuses on the concept of mobility linked to the cell phone, which takes on a lead role in the dialogue with art and culture and becomes the means by which artists can interact with the general public,” declares Silvia de Blasio, Head of Vodafone Italia’s Media Relations and Corporate Communication.

“Vodafone Group Research & Development mission is to break new ground worldwide, investigating new markets for products and services and thus widening the horizon for mobile communication technologically, societal and culturally. The tools include the nurturing of a corporate culture and manifold creative processes such as trend monitoring, technology & industry shaping, piloting future opportunities, time travel, improvisation theatre and especially the challenge of artistic dialog. These are indispensable catalysts for technological research and the generation and testing of new hypotheses for implementing outcomes. In cooperation with artcircolo, Vodafone Group R&D Germany has been engaged with artists in order to scrutinize the future of work and everyday life from a wide variety of perspectives. The aim of the ongoing dialog is the development and fostering of new media and mobile art formats that are taking a transdisciplinary approach to a wide range of issues (‘Mobile Art Lab’) ”, declares Bernd Wiemann, Head of Vodafone Group R&D Germany.

Artists: Laura Beloff & Erich Berger & Elina Mitrunen (Finland), Peter Callesen (Denmark), Crispin Gurholt (Norway), Empfangshalle (Germany), Globalgroove (Italy), Kalle Laar (Germany), Gaston Ramirez Feltrin (Italy/Mexico), Silver & Hanne Rivrud (Norway).

The opening of the exhibition will be attended by Ambassador Umberto Vattani, President of Venice International University.


  • Venice, San Servolo Isle
  • 7-9 June 2007
  • Opening: Thursday, 7 June
  • Info: +39 041 2719542
  • Curator: Lorella Scacco
  • Coordination: Lorenzo Cinotti – Venice International University
  • Scientific partner: Venice International University
  • Technology partner: Vodafone

“MOBILE JOURNEY” is a fringe event at the 52nd Venice Biennale
With the patronage of: the Danish Embassy, the Finnish Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the German Embassy, the Mexican Embassy, the Danish Arts Council, the Austrian Cultural Forum, FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, ICE The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade.
In collaboration with: artcircolo – Arild Wahlströms Fond – Bryt as Path-Breaking Investments – Kunsträdet Storebrand – Okprint Roma – Palm Italia
A special thanks to the Ambassador Umberto Vattani for his support to the event.
We wish to thank San Servolo Servizi for their collaboration.

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