Oslo, Stenersen Museum | Exhibition: Marianne Heske. Heaven & Earth

img Heske

curated by Selene Wendt

4  November, 2010 - 2 January, 2011


The Stenersen Museum is proud to present Marianne Heske’s first solo exhibition in Norway since 2002. One of the main themes of this exhibition is her Global Groove installation, part of a continuing, long term project involving the creation of doll heads in various materials in cooperation with local artists from China, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

A monograph about Marianne Heske will be published by SKIRA in conjunction with the exhibition. The book includes texts by Nicolas Bourriaud, Jon Fosse, Ken Friedman, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lorella Scacco, and Selene Wendt, who is also the editor of the book.