Milan, EffeArte Gallery, FOREST | Santeri Tuori



Santeri Tuori, Forest
curated by Lorella Scacco
Milan, EffeArte Gallery
24 February – 09 April 2011
Opening: 24 February, h. 06.30 p.m. | EffeArte, via Ponte Vetero 13,  Milan

press release

EFFEARTE gallery is proud to present a sole exhibition of works by Santeri Tuori, his first
in Italy. The artist ranks amongst one of Finlandʼs leading contemporary photographers.
Forest is the show title and the subject of the video installation and photographic works
Tuoriʼs photographic work required three years to complete in Kökar, one of the Åland
islands in the Baltic, where the artist took pictures of the same places at different times of
year and in different weather conditions, like a traditional landscapist, but exploiting the
potential of new technologies. The Forest (Tree and Pond) installation allows the viewer
to see, perceive and hear the forest environment. The feeling of being in a forest is
intensified by Mikko Hynninenʼs soundtrack, the movement of the branches and the
various seasonal colours of nature, which Tuori painstakingly documented all year round.
The photographs also allow the viewer to perceive a combination of images and
movement with a special combined photo-video technique, which the Finnish artist has
been using for several years. The photographs and videos are taken separately, then
blended by Tuori using an editing programme. This because it is impossible to capture
nature in a single image. The artist thus poses fundamental questions on photography and
its ability to represent an object.
The exhibition is curated by Lorella Scacco and supported by the Finnish Embassy and
the Finnish National Council of Photographic art.
Santeri Tuori was born in Espoo in 1970 and currently lives and works in Helsinki.
Recent exhibitions – 2009: Spiral, Wacoal Art Center, Tokyo; EMMA, Museum of Modern
Art, Espoo; 2008: “Arctic Hysteria Onscreen”, MoMA, New York; 2006: Anhava Gallery,
His works feature in the following public collections: KIASMA, Museum of Contemporary
Art, Helsinki; Frac Haute Normandie, France; The Finnish Museum of Photography,
Helsinki; Malmö Art Museum, Sweden; Museet for Fotokunst, Brandts Klaedefabrik,
Denmark; EMMA, Espoo Art Museum, Finland.